Key Facts

Delivery experience in 50 countries (accrued over 10 years)

Over 5,000 global suppliers, business schools and university partners

Multi-lingual systems and people

International procurement capability

Thousands of global case studies and data points

400+ training associates

The Capita Learning business has been developed to address the challenges and trends we’re seeing in the learning and development market. As a result we have created an integrated L&D proposition that provides a range of services — from digital learning solutions, traineeships and apprenticeships, to fully outsourced managed learning programmes and performance improvement training across sales, service and leadership.

We are capability-led, and have developed and broadened our services to guarantee our clients have everything they need to drive measurable performance improvement. To date we’ve helped hundreds of businesses and tens of thousands of individuals train, improve and succeed. And we’d like to build on that success by growing our business, working with new clients and expanding into different industries and territories.”

Managing Director, Capita Learning